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Raymond Recreation is looking for enthusiastic Summer staff. We need Camp Counselors, Senior Leaders and Directors for camp and after-camp programs. Want to have fun while getting paid? Where else can you enjoy 7 weeks of amazing kids, tons of fun, sunny days, and many outstanding field trips?
Adults, High School and College Students... If you are interested in applying for a fun filled summer, stop by Raymond Recreation for an application or you can pick on up in the Raymond High School office. You must be entering at least junior year in HS to apply for a paid position. Anyone entering sophomore year in HS is eligible to be a Counselor in Training. For more information call Tammy at Raymond Recreation at 895-7030 or email

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Hampstead - Opinions: Letters to Editor and Editorials

******** NEWS ********

Raymond Planning Board Rescinds Previous Decision About Town Engineer Reviewing All Subdivisions

Chester Selectmen Approve 20 Acre Conservation Property Purchase

Building Fire Alarm Interrupts Chester Planning Board Meeting

Hampstead School Board Learns that Schools Are Reopened Fulltime

Raymond Selectmen Address Capital Reserve Fund Requests

Wal-Mart Donates Thousands of Masks to Sandown Fire Department

Hampstead Selectmen Approve Library Pavilion Proposal and Fireworks in June

Chester Board of Selectmen Decide to Reopen Chester Cautiously

Chester School Board Vote for Chester Academy to Return to Five Day Schedule

Chester Planning Board Approves Two Applications: a Beauty Salon and a Short Term AIRBnB Rental

Raymond School Board Hears That Transportation is the Biggest Issue for Spring Sports

Hampstead Planning Board Approves East Road Lot Line Adjustment

Raymond Planning Board Continues Blaisdell Subdivision for the Fourth Time

Chester Selectmen Ask Town Manager to Reorganize and Number Warrant Articles

**************************** March 2021 ****************************

Raymond School District Superintendent Tina McCoy Resigns

Hampstead School Board Vacant Seat Filled

Sandown Selectmen Concerned about Old Home Day Date

Chester Board of Selectmen Send Warrant to Budget Committee

Raymond School Board Calendar Changes Dominates Meeting

Chester Planning Board Public Hearing on Pulpit Rock Road Subdivision Canceled When Variance Denied

Longtime Raymond Selectman Jack Barnes Retires

Controversial Conservation Parking Lot Discussion Dominates Hampstead’s Selectman’s Meeting

Chester Resident Robert St. Amand to Clean up Town Pound

Raymond Planning Board Delays Solar Ordinance Discussion

Raymond School Board Reorganizes and Resolves Default Budget Issue

Hampstead School Board Reorganizes and Addresses Safe Learning Plan

Sandown Planning Board Conditionally Approves Hoyt Subdivision

Sandown Selectmen Reorganize and Appoint Other Board and Committee Members

The Raymond Board of Selectmen Move Forward with Bean Tavern Purchase

Chester School District Names Dr. Sharon Locke, Ed.D. as New Superintendent

Chester Selectmen Approved Window in Building Inspector Office

Chester Planning Board Holds Conceptual Discussion of Processed Glass Aggregate Proposal

Sandown Election and Warrant Article Results March 2021

Hampstead Election and Warrant Article Results March 2021

Hampstead Selectmen Raise Some Municipal Service Fees and Look for Stormwater Committee Members

Chester Selectmen Approve the Town Administrator to Handle Impact Fees $5,000 or Less

Chester Planning Board Hear Jenkins Farm Residents' Concerns

Raymond School Board Discussed the Raymond High School Class Sizes

Chester School District Warrant Approved Without Comment

Sandown Selectmen Draft Updated Hazardous Mitigation Plan

Hampstead Planning Board Continues All Four of Its Hearings

********************** February 2021 **********************

Chester Selectmen Looking for Hard Numbers for Stevens Hall Project

Chester Planning Board Approves Wellness Counseling and Retail Herbal Sales

Sandown Selectmen Decide to Holdoff On Phillips Pond Treatment Prepayment

Hampstead Selectmen Hear Civic Club Plans to Hold Fishing Derby

The Raymond Selectmen Push Getting RCTV Cable Server

Raymond Planning Board's Blaisdell Hearing Continued Again to April

Chester Academy Changes School Reopening Plans

The Raymond School Board Support Plans to Hold Safe Senior Prom

Abutter Questions Legality of Lot Line Adjustment Request to Hampstead Planning Board

Lot Line Adjustments Dominate the Sandown Planning Board Meeting

Chester Board of Selectmen Approve Use of Jack Road

Hampstead School Board Hears Safe Learning Model Still Undetermined Following February Vacation

Chester Planning Board Move Zoning Amendments to Ballot and Warrant

Sandown Selectmen Decide to Holdoff On Phillips Pond Treatment Prepayment

Hampstead Selectmen Accept Labrador Lane as Town Road

Raymond 2021 Deliberative Zoning Amendment Articles Challenged

Raymond Planning Board Continues Blaisdell Subdivision After Discussion

Parents Push Chester School Board for In Person Schooling

All Articles Moved to the Ballot at Hampstead Town Deliberative

Chester Selectmen Approve Maintenance Department Truck Purchase

Raymond School Board Hears About Support for Students Struggling with Remote Learning

Hampstead Public Library News for February thru March 2021

Chester Public Library Programs for February 2021

Hampstead School District 2021 Deliberative Moves All Articles Unchanged

********************** January 2021 **********************

Chester Selectmen Move Dates of Election and Deliberative to May

Raymond School District Operating Budget Was the Most Contentious Article at Deliberative

Sandown 2021 Deliberative Runs Smoothly

Hampstead Has Two Candidates for Superintendent

Teaching Kindness Begins At a Young Age

Chester Planning Board Reviews Zoning Amendments

Hampstead's Central School Principal Collins Retires After 40 Plus Years

Sandown Board of Selectmen Assign Articles to Members

Hampstead Selectmen Continue Discussion On Labrador Lane

Raymond Planning Board Continues Blaisdell's Bald Hill Road Project

Chester Selectmen Still Undecided on Town Deliberative Date

Raymond School Board Tackles Several Important Issues

Sandown Planning Approves and Moves Stormwater Ordinance to Warrant

Chester Board of Selectmen Vote to Extend CARES Act Coverage

Raymond Planning Board has Design Review on 4 Freetown Road Project

Chester Planning Board Public Hearings Continued or Withdrawn

Sandown Selectmen and Budget Committee Hold Joint Public Hearing

Hampstead 2021 Budget and Warrant Articles Public Hearing

2021 School Budget Approved by the Hampstead School Board

Sandown Selectmen Vote on Per Diem Firefighters

Raymond Budget Committee Addresses both Town and School Budgets

Raymond Board of Selectmen Continue Discussion of Cable Committee Budget

Service Organizations Speak to Hampstead Board of Selectmen

Hampstead School Board Approve Central School 60s Wing Project Article

Chester Selectmen Vote to Send Out Stevens Hall RFP

Hampstead School Board Need to Identify Funding for Project

Chester School Board Told Part Time Superintendent Search Is Underway

Raymond School Board Reviews 2021 Warrant Articles

Sandown Board of Selectmen Reviewed 2021 Warrant Articles

Hampstead Planning Board Reviews Zoning Amendments

































































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