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Hampstead School Board Member Suggests a New Plan for Central School

How to Solve Overcrowding in Central School, Hampstead

******** NEWS ********

Raymond Town Manager Presented Proposed Budget to Selectmen and Tax Rate is Set

Raymond Planning Board Refuses Jurisdiction of Two Applications

Raymond School Board Revised the Default Budget

Chester Board of Selectmen Decide on 3 Percent COLA

Sandown Planning Board Approved Triple Elm Coffee and Ice Cream Shop Application and the Snow Lane Elderly Housing Development Hearing Got Contentious

Chester Planning Board Approve Jigsaw Builders, LLC Subdivision and Continue  Garabedian Gravel Pit Hearing to November 30

Hampstead Selectmen Approve Bids on Fire Department UTV and Trailer and Tax Rate Set

Chester Board of Selectmen Approve Budgets and Learn of Clothes Closet Issues

Raymond Planning Board Continues Candia South Branch Brook, LLC Earth Excavation Permit

Hampstead School Board Presented with New Hampstead Central School Renovation/Construction Plan

Chester Planning Board Discuss Possible Conservation Easement Warrant Article and Learn Crowley Road Subdivision Coming Back

Sandown Selectmen Review More Department Budgets

Hampstead Planning Board Approves Hampstead Heights Elderly Development Continuance

Raymond Selectmen Hear Weston Sampson Water Tower Recommendations and Request to Reestablish Cemetery Trustees

Chester Selectmen Hear From Moderator Requesting Selectmens’ Attendance at Elections

Raymond Planning Board Continues All Agenda Items to Future Meetings

Chester Academy School Board Approves Temporary CESPA Agreement

Chester Planning Board Discusses Garabedian Gravel Pit Concerns In More Detail and Continue Jigsaw to Next Meeting

Sandown Selectmen Set 2022 Town Tax Rate

Raymond School Board Approves 2023 Budget and Default Budget

Raymond Planning Board Conditionally Approve IC REED & Sons Site Plan

Raymond School Board Makes Adjustments to Budget

Chester Selectmen Discuss Preliminary Tax Rate

Chester Planning Board Discuss Garabedian Gravel Pit Site Plan Further and Continue the Jigsaw Builder Subdivision Application

Hampstead School Board Department Budgets Discussed

Hampstead Selectmen Approve Using Voter Registration List for Proof of Residency

Raymond Selectmen Review Budget with Estimated Increase of $725,637

Chester Selectmen Discuss Budget and CIP Items and Set Agenda Item Filing Deadline

Raymond School Board Discusses Increasing Substitute Pay Rate

Sandown Planning Board Hear Residents Concerns Over Snow Lane Elderly Development

Hampstead Planning Board Approves Master Plan

Sandown Selectmen Vote on Employees Salaries 5 Percent Increase

Raymond Board of Selectmen Approve Two Discretionary Barn Preservation Easements and Two Public Land Use Requests

Raymond School Board Budget Work Session Discussions

Chester Selectmen Delay Foskitts Pomp Road Building Permit

Chester Planning Board Vote to Continue Garabedian Gravel Hearing Again

Hampstead Selectmen Negotiating with John Worthen to Be Temporary Highway Supervisor

Hampstead School Board Approve Eighth Grade Trip, Bus Schedule has Improved

Raymond Planning Board Approve Lot Line Adjustment for Land Gifted to the Town, Mountain Road Trading Post Building Addition and 181 Lane Road Subdivision

Chester Board of Selectmen Discuss Conduct of Selectmen's Meeting

Chester Academy School Board Updated on Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Chester Planning Board Approve Pomp Road Development

Raymond School Board Discuss Breakfast and Lunch Price Increases

Sandown Planning Board Approved Little Mill Road Condo Conversion Application

Hampstead Planning Board Rejects Cameron Court Elderly Housing Application

Sandown Selectmen Discuss Town Hall Feasibility Study and Review Budgets

Raymond Selectmen and Budget Committee Hear Public Works 2023 Budgets

****************** September 2022 *******************

Chester Selectmen Decide to go for Two New Servers and Open Oil/Propane Bids

Chester Planning Board Still Want More from Garabedian Gravel Pit Application

Hampstead School Board Hears Transportation Update

Sandown Selectmen Discuss Snowplow Drivers Rates and Employee Health Services

Hampstead Selectmen Meet with Communication Committee to Discuss Working on Voter Guide

The Raymond Selectmen and Budget Committee Begin 2023 Budget Review Process

Chester Selectmen Discuss with Fire Chief Step and Grade for Fire Department Office Manager

Raymond School Board Continues Discussion on What to Do About Elementary School

Sandown Planning Board Meeting Agenda Continued Due to Lack of a Quorum

Raymond Selectmen Make Decision on Water Storage Tower Type

Chester Selectmen Discuss Carkin Street Issue Again and Working to Fill New Road Supervisor Position

Chester Planning Board Discuss Pomp Road Development and Continues Lifestyle Homes of Chester Subdivision

Sandown Selectmen Win Superior Court Decision to Deny Special Meeting

Hampstead School Board Discuss District Transportation Issues

Hampstead Selectmen Continue Discussion of Residency Definition and Hampstead Hospital Police Coverage

Chester School Board Told Opening of School Went Smoothly and 300th Committee Responds to Concerns

Chester Selectmen Introduce New Transfer Station Manager and Learn New Impact Fee Schedule

Chester Planning Board Discuss Chesterbrook School of Natural Learning Home Business Permit and Colby Farm Subdivision Continued

Raymond School Board Discuss New Lamprey River Elementary School Again and Staffing Issues

Hampstead Fire Station Building Expansion Presented to Hampstead Planning Board

Batchelder Road Condominiums Conceptual Review Draws Resident Opposition at Raymond Planning Board Meeting

******************* August 2022 *******************

Sandown Selectmen Discuss Employee Wage Increases

Chester Selectmen Discuss Cole Road Engineering Issue and Solar Project Proposal

Chester Planning Board Continues Colby Farm Subdivision Hearing a Third Time and Review Impact Fee Areas

Raymond School Board Vacancy Filled, New Hires Approved and No Athletic Event Transportation Again

Hampstead School Board Approves Class Size Increases and New Hires and Resignations

Sandown Selectmen Deny Special Meeting Request and Hear About Recreation Department After School Program

Hampstead Town and School Together Open and Accept the Bid for Heating Fuels

Raymond Selectmen Sign Off on the Primex Risk Management CAP Agreements

Chester School Board and Chester Academy Principal Welcomes Students and Parents

The Raymond Planning Board Continues IC Reed & Sons Site Plan Again Over Telephone Poles

Chester Selectmen Support Town Wide Trash Pick-up Proposal

The Sandown Planning Board Brings in Experts to Address Resident Concerns

Raymond School Board Discusses 2023-2024 Budget

Chester Board of Selectmen Decide Police Department Roof Leak Needs to be Addressed

Sandown Selectmen Decide on Impact Fee Amount for School District

Chester Planning Board Approves Carkin Street/Donna Drive Lot Line Adjustment and Private School Site Plan

Public Works Director Explains Drought Policy to Raymond Board of Selectmen

Hampstead Board of Selectmen Approve Water Ordinance

Raymond Planning Board Continue Hearing on Expansion of Storage Facility

Chester Selectmen Choose to Stay with MRI and SHF Recieves Grant

Chester Academy School Board Announce Teaching Staff Complete

Raymond School Board Decision Made on Buses and John Harmon Voted in as Chairman

Chester Planning Board Continues Colby Farm Application Again

Hampstead Planning Board Rejects Incomplete Cameron Court Elderly Housing Application

******************* July 2022 *******************

Chester Planning Accepts DuBois & King Wason Road Drainage Recommendation

Raymond School Board Delay Transportation Decision Until Next Meeting

Sandown Selectmen Hold Public Hearing for Auction of Town Owned Property

Hampstead Water Resource Committee Ask Selectmen to Consider Water Conservation Ordinance

Raymond Selectmen Move the Bean Tavern to the Historic District Commission and Consider Returning Public Comment to Meetings

Chester Selectmen Approve Hourly Rate Increase for Snowplow Drivers

Chester Academy School Board Vote to Replace High Use Doors

Raymond School Board Chair Ada Vadeboncouer Resigns

Sandown Planning Board Hear Residents Claim Hasago Gravel Pit Operations Have Damaged Showell Pond

Chester Selectmen Ban Animals at Wason Pond on July 23 During Anniversary Events

Chester Planning Board Continue Colby Farm Subdivision Hearing

Raymond School Board Discuss Capital Improvement Projects and Busing

Hampstead Selectmen Sell F350 Truck to Highest Bidder, Water Bills Increase 34 Percent

Sandown Selectmen Make No Decision on Request for a No Voting Machine Use Special Meeting

Ernie Creveling Returns to Raymond as Town Manager

Raymond Planning Board Continue Mountain Road Trading Post Hearing

Hampstead Residents Express Objection to Planning Board about Proposed Elderly Development

******************* June 2022 *******************

Chester Selectmen’s July 7 Meeting Cancelled

Raymond Selectmen Decide to Continue Street Sweeping and Police Chief Mike Label Introduced New Officer Busta

Hampstead Selectmen Considering Changing from Road Agent to Public Works Department

Raymond School Board Hear District Hires and Resignations

Chester Planning Board Discuss Southwoods Subdivision

Sandown Planning Board Public Hearings for 65 Odell Road and Showell Pond Road Continued

Sandown Selectmen Told 115 Dogs Still Unregistered and Hear Recreation Department’s Emergency Operation Plan

Raymond Planning Board Hold Design Review of Industrial Drive Warehouse and Continue the IC REED Scribner Road Site Plan Again

Chester 300th Committee Provides Draft Information on Three Events to Selectmen

Hampstead School Board Announce New Estimated Cost of Central School Project

Hampstead Selectmen Accept Road Agent Jonathan Worthen’s Resignation

Raymond Selectmen Sign Contract for Curbside Trash Pick-up with Pinard Waste Systems

Chester Selectmen Approve Three Roads as Town Roads

Chester Academy Chooses Director of Learning and Growth

Sandown Selectmen Deny Special Meeting Request to Ban Voting Machines

Hampstead Planning Board Continued Public Hearings for Bonnies Way Subdivision, 546 Route 111, Cameron Commons and Two for Owens Court

Chester Planning Board Discussed Bonds, Had No Hearings or Appointments

Raymond School Board Discuss the Transportation to Sports Events Issue

******************* May 2022 *******************

Carkin Street Resident Chaze Complains to Chester Selectmen Again

Hampstead Superintendent Thompson Introduces Two Design Concepts for Central School Project

Raymond Selectman Learn Buy Back of PAYT Bags is an Issue and Recycling Pickup Ends

Hampstead Selectmen Seek Consultant to Put Cell Tower Lease Out to Bid

Raymond Planning Board Continue IC REED & Sons Gile Road Site Plan Hearing

Chester Selectmen Approve Truck Purchase and Reverse Abatement Denial

Raymond’s Last Day of School Remains June 20

Sandown Planning Board Meeting Lacked a Quorum

Raymond Water Tower Issues with State Addressed with New Tower Coming in June

Chester Selectmen Discuss Winter Maintenance

Chester Planning Board Discuss Wason Pond Bridge Grant and Lifestyle Homes Development

Chester Academy Close to being Fully Staffed Going Forward

Hampstead School Board Heard New Plans for Central School Construction

Raymond Selectmen Approve Waste Management Extension Agreement but Recycling Ends as of June 1

Sandown Selectmen Approve Cable Coverage Recording Equipment for Recreation Building

Hampstead Selectmen Appoint Committee Members and Learn Fire Department Wants to Purchase Pick-up Truck

Chester Board of Selectmen Discuss Facility Usage Forms

Raymond School Board Approves Accepting and Expending Unanticipated Funds

Hampstead Planning Board Approves One Route 111 and Two Danville Road Site Plan Applications

































































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