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Resident Requests Selectmen to Approve RCTV Server

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Please Reconsider Decision On RCTV Playback Server

Don't Let RCTV Go Dark

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******** NEWS ********

Chester Board of Selectmen Vote to Extend CARES Act Coverage

Raymond Planning Board has Design Review on 4 Freetown Road Project

Chester Planning Board Public Hearings Continued or Withdrawn

Sandown Selectmen and Budget Committee Hold Joint Public Hearing

Hampstead 2021 Budget and Warrant Articles Public Hearing

2021 School Budget Approved by the Hampstead School Board

Sandown Selectmen Vote on Per Diem Firefighters

Raymond Budget Committee Addresses both Town and School Budgets

Raymond Board of Selectmen Continue Discussion of Cable Committee Budget

Service Organizations Speak to Hampstead Board of Selectmen

Hampstead School Board Approve Central School 60s Wing Project Article

Chester Selectmen Vote to Send Out Stevens Hall RFP

Hampstead School Board Need to Identify Funding for Project

Chester School Board Told Part Time Superintendent Search Is Underway

Raymond School Board Reviews 2021 Warrant Articles

Sandown Board of Selectmen Reviewed 2021 Warrant Articles

Hampstead Planning Board Reviews Zoning Amendments

******************************* December 2020 *******************************

Sandown Selectmen Confirm Use of North School for Deliberative

Hampstead Board of Selectmen Halt Conservation Commission Criticism

Chester School Board Superintendent Search to be Internal

Sandown Historical Society is Up and Running with New Members

Raymond Planning Board Moves Zoning Amendments to the 2021 Warrant

Chester Selectmen Decide to Follow Construction Management System for Stevens Hall Project

Sandown Planning Board Continue Discussing Hoyt Hills Open Space Subdivision

Raymond School Board Decide to Create Warrant Articles for Treasurer Raise and Deputy Treasurer Position

Hampstead Police Department Loses Two Officers

Chester Board of Selectmen Decide to put Carkin Street on the Ballot

Raymond's Community TV Meeting Coverage May Be in Jeopardy

Chester Planning Board Signs Off on 2021 Capital Improvement Plan

Hampstead School Board Presented with Multi Million Dollar Central School Plan Which Doesn't Include 60s Wing

The Dudley-Tucker Library is OPEN and Face Masks are Required

Hampstead Public Library December News

Hampstead Planning Board Approve 2021 Zoning Proposals

Sandown Town Clerk’s Office Closed to the Public

Hampstead Public Library December News

Chester Superintendent Darrell Lockwood to Retire

Chester Selectmen Decide to Identify Work Needed on Stevens Hall

Raymond School School Board Approves Return to Remote

Chester Planning Board Approves Crowley Subdivision Extension/Renewal Application

Sandown Planning Board Hear Concerns on Hoyt Development Traffic Study, Wells, and Financial Impact Study

******************************* November 2020 *******************************

Sandown Selectmen Approve Rockingham County’s Use of Town Hall for Swearing in Ceremony

Hampstead School Board Names Superintendent Search Committee Members

Hampstead Selectmen Hear More Public Concern Over Conservation Commission Right to Know

Raymond School Board Special Meeting Approves Amended Default Budget

Chester Selectmen Discuss Need for Maintenance Department Vehicle

Chester Planning Board Heard Concerns from Latitude Learning

Raymond School Board Approves Proposed Operating and Default Budgets

Sandown Planning Board Continues Ferguson Lane Multi-Family Site Plan Hearing

Sandown Selectmen Gives Sandown Historical Society More Time

Raymond Selectmen Hear Request to Revamp Water Department to Address Debt and 2021 Tax Rate Set

Chester Selectmen Discuss 2021 Preliminary Town Budget

Hampstead Board of Selectmen Set 2021 Tax Rate

Sandown Selectmen Reached Decision on Health Insurance

Hampstead School Board Hears Plan on Renovating Central School

Raymond Planning Board Discuss Main Street 180 Unit Combo Residential/Industrial Development

Chester Board of Selectmen Set 2021 Tax Rate

Chester Planning Board Discuss a Lot Line Adjustment and Site Plan Review on Connelly Farm

Chester School Board Considers First Grade Return to In Person

Raymond School Board Discusses Student Use of Cameras and Possible Return to Remote

Hampstead Planning Board Tackles Route 111 Emerson Avenue Development Issues

******************************* October 2020 *******************************

Chester Selectmen Hear Election Update by Town Moderator Scott

Raymond School Board Approves 2021-2022 Operating Budget

Chester Planning Board Reviews All Items for 2021 CIP

Hampstead School Board Votes to Move Forward to Hybrid Learning

Raymond Selectmen Hear From Town Manager about Covid-19, Budgets, 2020 Tax Rate, Veteran’s Day and More

Sandown Selectmen Waiting For Department of Revenue Administration Utility's Rates

Hampstead Selectmen Heard Seniors Holiday Dinner Will Be Pick-up Only

Chester Selectmen Forward Seven More Budget Items to Budget Committee

Raymond School Board Heard Technology Up to the Job

Hampstead School Board Members Decry Facebook Post

Hampstead Public Library Fall Program and Two New Employees

Sandown Board of Selectmen Postpone Insurance Decision Again

Raymond Planning Board Continues Agriculture Zoning Amendment Discussion

Hampstead School Board Heard About Difficulty of In-Person Learning with Six Foot Distancing

Chester Planning Board Considers Three More CIP Items

Hampstead Selectmen Review the 2021 Town Budget

Chester Planning Board Starts 2021 Capital Improvement Plan Review

Raymond Board of Selectmen Held a Special Board Meeting

Chester Board of Selectmen Review More 2021 Budget Items

Raymond School Board Heard LRES Renovation or New Construction Not Recommended at this Time

Hampstead School Board Discussed Return to In Person Safe Learning

Sandown Selectmen Continue Reviewing 2021 Budget

Hampstead Planning Board Continues Five Old Business Hearings

Raymond Board of Selectmen Receive 2021 Draft Budget

Raymond Planning Board Discuss Agriculture Ordinance on Lots Less than Two Acres

Chester Selectmen Start to Look at Budgets for 2021

******************************* September 2020 *******************************

Sandown Selectman Agree to hold Halloween Trick or Treating on Saturday

Hampstead Selectmen Approve of Modified Christmas Parade

Raymond Board of Selectmen Approve Changed Pay As You Throw Fees

Chester Selectmen Grant Eversource Permission for Structure Replacement

Chester Planning Board Approve Minutes and Address Three Agenda Items

Hampstead School Board Hears about Successful Start of School

Chester Board of Selectmen Shared Which Town Buildings are Open

Raymond School Board Approves Return to School or Work Procedures and COVID-19 Instructions

Hampstead Selectmen Hear From the Water Resource Committee

Sandown Selectmen Vote 3 Percent Wage Increase for Town Employees

Raymond Selectmen’s Meeting Public Hearings Draw No Comments

Hampstead Planning Board Deals with Route 111 and Emerson Avenue Subdivision

Chester Selectmen Learn of Veterans and First Responder Suicide Awareness Event and Cancel Chester Street Halloween

Hampstead School Board Tentatively Approves New Hampstead Central School Plan

Raymond School Board Reported Surprisingly Good Start for Schools

********************************** August 2020 **********************************

Sandown Selectmen Decide to Return to Weekly Monday Night Meetings

Raymond Selectmen Expect Two Percent Reduction in Municipal Taxes

Chester Selectmen Agree Provisionally to Extend Spring Hill Farm Contract

Chester Planning Board Approves Indoor Riding Arena

Hampstead School Board Member Karen Yasenka Addresses Community Facebook Comments

Sandown Selectmen Still Undecided Regarding Historical Society

Hampstead Selectmen Discuss Election Assistance and Absentee Ballots

Raymond Select Board Approves Accepting Absentee Ballot Grant

Chester Selectmen Decide to Continue with Liaisons on Other Boards

Hampstead School Board Present District SAU Transition Plan

Chester Academy to Reopen with Adapted In Person Model

Raymond Planning Board Reviews Water Quality Draft Ordinances

Raymond School Board Reviews School Opening Adjustments

Hampstead School Board Discuss Virtual Safe Learning Project

Raymond Selectmen Hear the Importance of Absentee Ballots

Chester Selectmen Undecided on Cutting Cemetery Trees

Chester Planning Board Meeting Shortened Due to Request for Continuance

Sandown Selectmen Reject Historical Society Lease on Depot Building

Hampstead Selectmen Delay Opening Veterans Memorial Gym

Chester Board of Selectmen Approve New Transfer Station Leadership

Raymond Planning Board Reviews Proposed Wetland Zoning Amendments

Hampstead School Board Recommendation Passes with Three to Two Vote

Raymond School Board Approves Hybrid System of Reopening

********************************** July 2020 **********************************

Chester Selectmen Appoint New Recreation Commission Members

Sandown Selectmen Discuss Waste Management Increases

Hampstead Police Chief Wonders About School Resource Officer Position

Chester Public Library Resumes Programs for AUGUST 2020

Chester Selectmen Discuss Transfer Station Swap Shop Issues

Hampstead School Board Plans Public Forum

Sandown Planning Board Approves Meaney and Loader Applications

Raymond Selectmen Vote Down Dumpster Fees

Metzler Out as SAU 55 Superintendent but Hired as Hampstead Consultant

Chester Selectmen Continue Discussing Unregistered Dogs

Raymond School Board Discuss Re-opening of Schools

Sandown Selectmen Hear Moderator Discuss Upcoming Elections and Concern About 300 Unregistered Dogs

Hampstead Selectmen Award Paving Contract to Busby Construction

Chester Selectmen Informed That 150 Dogs Still Unregistered and Buildings Other Than Town Hall Will Remain Closed

Chester Planning Board Extend Southwoods Subdivision Conditions

Hampstead Lieutenant Robert Kelley Promoted to Deputy Chief

Hampstead Incident and Arrest of Shaine Clarke Reynolds

********************************** June 2020 **********************************

Chester Selectmen Approve Proposed Encumbrances

Sandown Board of Selectmen Meeting Dominated by Seeley Beach Ordinance Discussion

Raymond Selectmen Heard Updates on Town Opening Phase 3

Chester Selectmen Consider Encumbrances

Hampstead School Board  Discusses How to Introduce Single Status to Public

Raymond School Board Increases Cap for Delta Dental Graduation

Chester Planning Board Discussed Southwood Subdivision

Hampstead Selectmen Heard from Hampstead Area Water Co. About Decontamination Change

Chester 2020 Town Meeting Results

Sandown Conservation Commission Unhappy with NHDES and Budget Committee Interviews Candidates

Chester Board of Selectmen Sets Reopening Dates

Sandown Planning Board Takes Jurisdiction of Multi-Family Condo Site Plan

Raymond School Board Discussed Graduation Options

Sandown Board of Selectmen Approve Cemetery Expansion Plan

Raymond Selectmen and School Board Discuss Tax Mitigation Strategy

Hampstead Fun in the Sun Summer Programs for Kids

Sandown Summer Recreation Programs Underway

Chester School Board Address School Reopening Questions

Wason Pond Issues Dominate Chester Selectmen's Meeting

Hampstead School Board Increases Fund Balance Retention

Sandown Selectmen Appoint Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer

Hampstead Selectmen Postpone Fourth of July Fireworks

Chester Board of Selectmen Hear Public Comments from Residents

Chester Academy Class of 2020 Graduation

Hampstead Middle School Eighth Grade Graduation

Raymond Planning Board Conditionally Approves JCR Construction Site Plan

Local Church Partners to Pay $761K in Medical Debt for Granite Staters

Raymond School Board Discussed Funding 2020 Class Graduation

Sandown Selectmen Hold First Open Meeting

Hampstead Planning Board Reorganizes and Hears Full Agenda

Chester Board of Selectmen Hears About Potential Solar Farm

********************************** May 2020 **********************************

Raymond Selectmen Approve Accepting GOEFRR Grant

Hampstead Selectmen Approve Stipend for First Responders

Hampstead School Board Moves Forward With Construction Committee

Edward Jones Financial Advisor Dustin Ramey Moves to New Office

Chester Selectmen Decide Town Hall Renovations to be Done In House

Sandown Selectmen Hear from Departments on Reopening Readiness

Raymond School Board Discusses Police Assistance with Parades

Raymond Selectmen Hear Town Reopening Plan and Cancel Two Parades

Chester Selectmen Approve the Wason Pond Commission Recommendations

Chester Selectmen Postpone Town Meeting Again

Chester Planning Board Approves Edward Jones Financial Services Site Plan

Hampstead School Board Decides Future Meetings will be Held in the Schools

Sandown Selectmen Considering How to Reopen Town

Hampstead Selectmen Continue Police Lieutenant Pay Discussion

Chester Selectmen Continue Wason Pond Discussion and East Derry Road Closure

Raymond Planning Board Reorganizes and Hears Site Plan Application

Chester Academy School Board Reorganizes

Raymond Selectmen's Emergency Public Health Regulation Addresses Campground Opening

Raymond School Board Discussed Graduation Options

Hampstead Public Library Will Reopen in Phases

Sandown Planning Board Holds Public and Compliance Hearings

Chester Selectmen Decide to Keep Town Buildings Closed

Raymond Selectmen Delay Decision on Campground Until Thursday

********************************** April 2020 **********************************

Chester Selectmen Wason Pond Parking Closure Decision Draws a Crowd

Chester Planning Board Discusses Edward Jones Financial Services Office

Sandown Selectmen Grill Historical Society Officials About Membership

Hampstead Selectmen Discuss Lieutenant Robert Kelley's Pay Issue and Delay Mowing Contract

Chester Selectmen Close Wason Pond and Discuss Permits for Residents Use

Chester Planning Board Reviews Kerry’s Dance Studio Conceptual Plan

Hampstead School Board Approves Last Day of School, May 29

Chester Selectmen Discuss Hart Roberts Road and Transfer Station Procedures

Despite Pandemic Financial Impact, Raymond Should Be Alright

Raymond School Board Met With Principals On Year End Activities

Sandown Selectmen Finalize " It’s Christmas in April" Parade

Hampstead Selectmen Pick Chairman and Discuss Multiple Contracts

Chester Selectmen Address Emergency Management and Transfer Station Issues

Hampstead School Board Wins Court Case Decision to Receive SAU 55 Report

Lamprey Health Care Center Receives $838,580 Federal Funding Grant

Sandown Planning Board Approves D. F. Realty Trust Site Plan

Raymond School Board Retains Distant Learning Through April Vacation and Schools Close on June 5

Hampstead School Board Reorganizes and Looks Ahead at SAU Separation

Sandown Cancels Selectmen’s Meeting But Easter Bunny Will be in Town

Chester Transfer Station Open Fridays and Easter Bunny Will Ride the Roads

Raymond Remote Learning Reduced to Four Days

Chester Selectmen Discuss 2019 Notices of Arrearage

Chester School Board Holds Emergency Meeting

********************************** March 2020 **********************************

Five Year Transfer Station Agreement Requires Raymond Resident Permits

Raymond Planning Board Approves Essex Commons and East Coast Outdoors Applications

Canceled Raymond School Trips a Concern

Raymond School Board Hears from Technology Director

********************************** February 2020 *********************************

Raymond Planning Board Denies One Application and Continues Two

Raymond School Board Chooses Preschool Design Bid

Raymond Selectmen Approve Amended Comcast Agreement

Raymond School Board Hears from Students of Seacoast School of Technology and Approves Two Expenditures

********************************** January 2020 **********************************

Raymond Municipal Tax Rate Reduced by Thirteen Cents Per Thousand

Raymond School Board Struggles To Reduce Budget By Hundred Thousand

Raymond Selectmen Continue Discussing Pay As You Throw Program

Raymond Budget Committee Trims School District Budget

Raymond Planning Board Approves Two Applications and Continued Another

































































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